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Letter Logic Kindergarten Course 1


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The Letter Logic Kindergarten Course 1 teaches most consonant sounds and the 5 short vowel sounds for CVC words. It is a complete language arts curriculum for the beginning reader, meeting state and national standards for Kindergarten reading, foundational skills, writing, listening, and language.


The course includes 80 online lessons, plus pdf resources to further develop phonological skills, play games, test concepts, write stories, and practice basic letter writing (handwriting).


The curriculum can be done completely online, but pdf files are included for additional worksheet activities, and teacher directed learning. Choose the level of teaching needed for the student or concept.


Three types of reading experiences are included for a total of 29 different stories. Some are based on our paper curriculum stories, but all reading books (readers) are completely online. Other titles are new and only available in the online versions. Stories work at various reading levels with helps available to read and master words. 


Self-Checking Readers allow students to click a speaker button to hear the sentences in the story read to them in order to check their reading and to model fluency.   

Independent Readers have the same story as the self-checking readers, but the audio option has been removed to discourage dependency on the speaker.


Guided Readers provide sentences with clickable words. Sentences in these stories tend to be more complex. This creates a set of stories that challenge more accomplished readers, but the clickable words make them a great reading tool for learners who need the extra help. Some pages feature animation to further illustrate actions.

The first slide of each reader is a cover. The second slide is a word list. Students can click any word to hear it. Each page of Self-Checking and Independent Readers have direct links to the word list.


Concepts are introduced by Professor Panda's interactive lessons. Students can control the pace of instruction with interactive buttons on the page. Parts can be repeated as often as needed. Lessons can be repeated throughout a week or revisited to review concepts from previous weeks. Letter sound introduction lessons progress from learning the isolated sound, to blending into words, and finally usage in sentences.


Learning Tools teach letter formation (handwriting) and blending of sounds into words.


Practice Activities allow students the opportunity to practice skills and learn new letter sounds.


Quizzes teach and test knowledge and skills. We use the term "quiz" for any activity that records a score, but quizzes shouldn't be thought of as "one-time" activities or simply completed for the purpose of recording a grade. Students are encouraged to repeat quizzes to practice skills, improve scores, or review previous learning. Most quizzes randomize in some way to make each try at the quiz a unique experience. They are designed to be repeated!

See course samples below. The lesson plans list all the online activities for the week.


The Kindergarten Level is completed by Course 2.

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Some...But not all Activities From one Week

Interactive Lesson Sample

Short Vowel Sound Instruction

Lesson 61: Short U Instruction

The lesson includes sound introduction, blending, usage in words, word practice, and example sentences.

Students can control the pace and repetition by clicking words and arrows.

Experience an interactive lesson

Self-Checking Reader Sample

Kindergarten Reading

Click to see the Self-checking reader. The Independent Version does not have the speaker option, but is the same story.

The WL Button takes takes students to the word list to hear any individual word. The S button returns the student to the story page.

Read a Self-checking reader

Guided Reader Sample

Kindergarten Reading

Two wolf cubs struggle to knock down a pig's straw hut. Students can click on any word to hear it. A comprehension quiz is given later in the week.

The story is longer than the self-checking reader and has more complex sentences to challange more experienced students, but the clickable words make it useful to all students.

Read a Guided Reader

Missing Words Quiz

Kindergarten Sentences

Many different sentence quiz formats are included. Try this drag and drop missing words sentence quiz.

Try the sentence quiz

Spelling Quiz

Kindergarten Spelling

Several spelling quiz formats are used in the course. This format is a Look and Spell Quiz. 

Try the spelling quiz

Vocabulary Introduction

Kindergarten vocabulary

Learn vocabulary words based on the phonics list. A quiz follows later in the week.

Learn vocabulary