McRuffy Press has long been known for homeschool friendly curriculum. McRuffy Online takes it a step further with parent/teacher friendly features such as the online grade book that automatically tracks your child's progress and keeps a record of scores for online activities. 

For parents teaching in cooperation with charter or public schools, information can be shared with your school's learning management system through various school options. 

For children, McRuffy Online provides many more options than our paper curriculum, such as more stories in our Letter Logic curriculum and many more activities that students can complete at their own pace with instant feedback and the ability to repeat activities to master skills.

Some children can learn completely on-line. Others will need parent/teacher help. With a curriculum full of both on-line and pdf resources, you can choose the methodology to help your child get the best of homeschool education.

McRuffy Curriculum

Online courses for other subject and grade levels are under development. 

You can also find our traditional paper based curriculum and many other learning supplies at